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5 Tips Using Botox For Under Eye Wrinkles

Botox for under eye wrinkles is not a commonly known procedure. When thinking about Botox treatment areas, you may consider the forehead, between the eyebrows, and the corners of the eyes. However, Botox is frequently used in multiple areas around the face, including on the lips, nose, and under eyes. Under eye wrinkles Botox injections can help improve the appearance of wrinkles, bulging muscle under the eyes, eye bags, and dark circles. The injections are quick and nearly painless. Patients who want to enhance their under eyes often look to dermal fillers—which do provide a good option—but these injections are not always necessary.

#1: Botox limits muscle movement.

Botox under eye wrinkle treatment works by relaxing targeted muscles to prevent movements that cause the wrinkles to work. This may include what is called a “jelly roll” which is a small lump that can appear under the eyes when a person squints or smiles. Once the under eye wrinkle Botox is injected, it penetrates the nerves and muscles that cause muscle contraction.

The results of these injections lasts around three to four months. In that time frame, the movements will cease so that the wrinkles do not worse. This can help the under eye look more youthful and awake than when wrinkles and bags are present.

#2: Botox is derived from a toxin, but its safe.

Botox comes from a toxin known as Botulinum toxin A which is produced by the same bacteria that causes botulism. However, in the case of Botox for eye bags, the toxin is purified and proteins are added. The amount injected to smooth under eye wrinkles is not nearly enough to cause botulism. It also does not contain all of the toxins produced by the bacterium.

When you get under eye wrinkles Botox, the toxin simply relaxes certain nerves and muscle movements. It does not stop normal expression and uses the body’s reaction to the toxin to your advantage.

#3: Botox is not always the right under eye treatment.

Botox for under eye wrinkles is not always the ideal treatment. For patients whose primary compliant is under eye hollowness and dark circles, they may consider under eye filler injections. This plumps the under eye area for a brighter, younger looking eye appearance. Though, it does come with more risk and the possibility of a bluish tinge visible underneath the skin.

If a patient is mainly considered about under eye bags or the way their under eyes appear when making certain facial expressions, Botox under eye wrinkle treatment may be ideal. Your injector will discuss your goals for treatment and examine the area to help determine if Botox for under eye wrinkles is the ideal treatment for you.

#4: Not all providers will inject Botox under eyes.

Botox for eye bags is not a frequently performed treatment. Most injectors and providers prefer dermal fillers for non-surgical under eye enhancement. Also, injecting under eye wrinkle Botox is an off-label use of the product and so providers can make the decision for themselves whether or not they believe it is a viable, safe, and effective procedure.

There are also potential risks associated with Botox for under eye wrinkles. It can cause blinking issues or lower eyelid sagging. However, these complications are rare when the Botox injections are performed correctly. Your injector will help you determine if Botox is the right under eye enhancement technique.

#5: Lasting results require more Botox

Under eye wrinkle Botox provides temporary results. On average, Botox lasts between three and four months. From there, patients will need to undergo subsequent Botox injections to maintain their results long term. The benefit for consistent Botox for under eye wrinkles is that it helps prevent it from getting worse over time.

Still, patients are welcome to come in for their Botox as often as they see fit. Even injections just twice a year can help prevent future aging and wrinkles. Botox for eye bags is an innovative procedure that more and more patients are seeking out.


Botox for under eye wrinkles is another treatment option to help patients look younger for longer. The injections cause little pain and require almost no major recovery time. Patients can have their injections done and return to work the same day. This convenience is ideal for busy parents and nine-to-fivers looking for a quick and easy way to treat under eye wrinkles. Overall, Botox for eye bags is an effective procedure to enhance the under eyes. 

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Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Jindal is a board certified surgeon who offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services in Raleigh, North Carolina.
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