Does Botox Cause Cancer?

Botox comes from Botulinum toxin which is technically a toxin deadly to humans. The reason that Botox does not have disastrous results is that it utilizes only a specific strain of the toxin and not the whole toxin. Additionally, it is purified and other proteins are added to stabilize it. Botox—when compared to the normal deadly dosage—is administered in minuscule doses that only affect the localized area of the injection site.

Still, some patients become wary when they learn that Botulinum toxin is the toxin that causes botulism, an often deadly disease for humans. While botulism is not common in the United States anymore, it can be adequately treated with modern medicine. However, it can still do permanent damage to the body.

Yet, Botox injections are easily metabolized by the body because of the extremely small dose and fractured toxin. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to get botulism from standard Botox treatment. Though, patients do still wonder if Botox could cause cancer like other toxins humans consume such as alcohol or cigarettes.

Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that Botox causes cancer. There are relatively few causes of adverse reactions following Botox injections and most are not major or permanent conditions. Also, compared to known carcinogens, Botox is administered in much smaller amounts and consumed less frequently.

If considered Botox injections, patients do not need to worry about major illness or cancer. As long as they work with a qualified and experienced provider, they are unlikely to experience any major side effects. If any symptoms occur, it is usually mild flu-like symptoms that resolve quickly.

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