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Elon Musk Hair Transplant

Elon Musk Hair Transplant: Did He or Didn’t He?

Celebrity cosmetic surgery is a frequent topic of interest. Some choose to be open about the enhancements they make—surgical or non-surgical—while others stay mum on the topic. One person of note who has rumors of a cosmetic procedure surrounding them is Elon Musk. Throughout the last two and a half decades, his hairline has changed dramatically. Let’s look into whether or not Elon Musk may have gotten a hair transplant.

Firstly, there is no way to truly know if Musk opted for a hair transplant unless he confirms it himself. Still, we can use context clues and knowledge of hair growth patterns to speculate on if his hair is the result of hair transplantation surgery.

Changes In Musk’s Hairline

Early into adulthood, Elon Musk showed signs of the beginning of male pattern baldness. His hair was fairly thin, but his hairline appeared to stay fairly even and stable as a teen. Not long into his twenties, his hairline began to recede and become less even. These are classic signs of male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness affects 80% of men, so Musk is not alone in his experiences with genetic hair loss. In the late nineties, Musk’s hairline moved dramatically backward onto the mid-scalp with his temples also showing significant hair loss. Though, he did manage to keep the hair on the crown of his head loner than some.

Possible Hair Transplant

In the early 2000s, Musk’s hairline appeared to move forward and improve. At first, the improvement matched what one could expect from hair loss medications. However, as the decade moved on, his hairline came forward into a more natural position. This could indicate a potential hair transplant surgery because this sort of improvement is pretty much impossible to achieve without surgical intervention.

If he did get a hair transplant sometime in the 2000s, he likely underwent a FUT hair transplant, or the strip method, which was the most popular technique back then. This would involve a linear scar across the scalp, though this would become hard to detect once the hair grew back over it.

FUT hair transplantation uses hormone resistant hair to restore the hairline. This is why Elon has maintained a much more stable hairline since the late 2000s. Some speculate that Elon Musk may have undergone a second hair transplant that helped thicken his hair and improve his hairline even further. Though, certain non-surgical interventions such as PRP injections may also help improve hair transplant surgery results.

Regardless of the truth, Elon Musk now has enviable hair that a man of his age can be proud of. A straighter and fuller hairline also may help him look a bit younger, so it certainly carries many benefits.


Hair transplant surgery can increase confidence and even change the life of those experiencing genetic hair loss. Men are not the only ones who undergo hair transplant surgery though. More and more women are also seeking out the procedure to combat age and gene-related hair loss. Schedule a hair restoration consultation at PRP In Raleigh by calling (919) 929-6006. Patients can also contact us online.

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