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Does PRP Cause Hair Loss After The First Session?

PRP injections have exploded in popularity as a cosmetic treatment for aging, skin scarring, and hair loss. Patients have seen such improvement in hair loss due to PRP injections that clinics are solely dedicated to the specific use of platelet-rich plasma. 


However, as the treatment isn’t FDA-approved for hair loss, some get worried about potential side effects or fallout due to PRP injections. One of the biggest concerns is if Botox PRP injections can cause hair loss after the first session.


PRP Hair Shedding 

Hair shedding or fallout can sometimes happen after the patient’s first PRP session. However, hair fallout is not an instant reason for alarm. It can be standard and expected for those undergoing their first PRP treatment.


As the injections react with the inactive hair follicles and push them into new growth, this new growth can push the old hair out to make room for healthier hair growth. As new hair follicles grow, old hair may continue to shed. This is perfectly normal and means that the treatment is working. 

PRP Hair Growth 

In the first session, shedding is how the hair prepares for new growth. Almost all hair restoration treatments have some form of hair shedding associated with the initial stages of the session. Old or “dead” hair can cause blockage, creating dormant hair follicles. Losing this hair is the first step in regaining your full, luscious head of hair. Additionally, PRP affects the hair in different stages, and a part of that process is hair fallout. 

How Long Does PRP Hair Shedding Last? 

The fallout from PRP injections for hair loss can begin around six to ten weeks after the first treatment session. However, it fluctuates for many patients and looks different for everyone. It can last over eight weeks, depending on how many dormant follicles are activated and push through new hair. 


During this stage, it’s essential to remember that fallout from PRP injections for hair loss is a good sign that the treatment is working! These initial phases are part of a larger restoration plan that allows patients to experience ultimate hair regrowth. 


PRP in Raleigh understands the importance of hair restoration and the incredible benefits of PRP. Patients can experience the best hair regrowth at PRP in Raleigh through detailed work, consistent support, and incredible dedication. So, if you’re hair starts to shed, don’t panic. It’s all a part of the restoration process!           

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Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Jindal is a board certified surgeon who offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services in Raleigh, North Carolina.
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