Top 10 Countries You Can Get Cheaper PRP Treatment

Platelet rich plasma treatment is one of the top non-surgical hair restoration options. While significantly cheaper than hair transplant surgery, it can still break the bank for people looking to find an effective and low cost treatment for hair loss. The trend of going to other countries for medical care also applies to certain non-surgical procedures, including PRP and BOTOX treatments. While not recommended for most patients, here are the top 10 countries you can get cheaper PRP treatment.


Here are the top 10  countries you can get cheaper PRP treatment.


1: Turkey


Turkey is one of the top countries people from the United States and Europe go to for cosmetic surgeries—both surgical and non-surgical. The cost of PRP hair restoration in Turkey can average around $100 per session, which is significantly less than in the US.


2: Mexico


As a close neighbor of the US, many people go to Mexico for lower cost medical treatment. For platelet rich plasma hair restoration, the average per session is around $200. Though, patients should factor in that traveling to Mexico is usually lower cost than most other countries on this list.


3: United Arab Emirates


Dubai has a burgeoning cosmetic industry. Known for its technology and advancements, Dubai also offers PRP hair restoration. It too averages around $200 per session.


4: Spain


Many Europeans travel to Spain for cosmetic procedures because it is relatively less expensive than in some other European countries. The average session ranges between around $150 and $250. 


5: South Korea


As a well known hub for cosmetic procedures, South Korea offers lower cost PRP hair restoration treatment for around $200 per session. For patients who already travel to Asia frequently, South Korea may be an ideal locale for hair restoration.


6: India


India offers some of the lowest cost options for platelet rich plasma treatment. The average session costs under $180.


7: Poland


The Eastern European country offers PRP hair restoration for roughly $250 per session. However, this will vary between practices and specifics of treatment.


8: Malaysia


The cost of PRP hair restoration in Malaysia can be as low as $170. This is generally considered the starting price for platelet rich plasma hair treatment.


9: Thailand


Thailand has several treatment options and price points. Some luxury clinics will have similar pricing to US clinics; however, patients often receive more VIP treatment when paying comparable prices. On the cheaper end, patients can expect around $220 per session.


10: Colombia


Colombia features one of South America’s hubs for cosmetic procedures. Due to this, the cost per session can be higher than other countries on this list with a session costing around $375. This is still cheaper than PRP treatment in the United States.




If you choose to go abroad for PRP hair restoration, patients should ensure their provider is up to the standards of their country and likely exceeds them. Many will offer comparable to care to the US.

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Dr. Sumeet Jindal
Dr. Jindal is a board certified surgeon who offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services in Raleigh, North Carolina.
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