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When Can You Get a Haircut After Hair Transplant?

When Can You Get a Haircut After Hair Transplant?

There is nothing more satisfying than going for your first haircut after hair transplant surgery. More style options become available and you no longer have to worry about styling your hair to cover thinning or loss. So, when can you enjoy this joyous moment -after hair transplant surgery? Ultimately, the answer to the question, “When can you get a haircut after hair transplant?” depends on a few factors.

Men vs. Women Haircut After Hair Transplant

Firstly, men and women can typically go for haircuts at different times. Since women keep their hair longer, they may be able to get a haircut without disturbing the sites of transfer. Therefore, in some cases, women can cut their hair sooner than men. Still, women should use caution and not immediately head to the salon after their hair transplant. The scalp needs time to heal and any manipulation of the hair in the transplantation or donor areas will need to wait.

Men should wait at least three weeks after their surgery to get a haircut. During the healing process, it is normal for the transplanted hair to fall out. However, it should come back because it is a natural part of the healing process.

FUT vs. FUE Hair Transplant Post-Surgery

Patients who undergo FUT hair transplant surgery may want to let their hair get longer before cutting it. While hair should grow over the linear scar, cutting it too soon can make the scar more visible. This is temporary, but for patients hoping for a discreet experience with hair restoration, growing out the hair more than usual can help keep the scar hidden.

Generally, as long as a patient is healing well, experiencing no complications, and is happy with their results, it is safe to get a haircut three weeks after the procedure. However, it is important for the patient to discuss this with their surgeon. Dr. Jindal can help patients determine when they can cut their hair without hindering their results.

FUE surgery sometimes requires minimal shaving of the surgical area. Therefore, many patients will simply shave off their hair prior to treatment. This is not required or necessary for a good result. After the procedure, patients should avoid unnecessary contact with their scalp, including haircuts.

Other Hair Treatments

Other cosmetic hair treatments like hair dyeing and bleaching will likely need to wait longer than a simple haircut. It can take six weeks or more for a patient to be cleared for such treatments. Patients should use caution performing treatments that could potentially cause hair damage and further hair loss. This could damage the results of the hair transplant surgery.


Patients considering hair transplant surgery can schedule a consultation with Dr. Jindal to explore both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration options at PRP In Raleigh. Patients can reach out online via chat or contact form or call us at (919) 929-6006.

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